Whiteface Mountain

A platform for sampling the atmosphere

The Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at SUNY Albany has conducted a long history of cloud water, aerosol and trace gas chemistry measurements at the WFM summit research observatory, which will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The research observatory at the summit of Whiteface Mountain (WFM), in the heart of the Adirondacks in New York, is central to many of the ongoing research projects in the Lance lab.
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Fieldwork in Dr. Sara Lance's Lab at SUNY

Field Studies

Measuring the Atmosphere

Field measurements are an important part of the work we do, because the outdoor environment cannot be fully replicated in the laboratory or in a model. Changing emissions, chemical aging, and interactions with the natural environment all play a role in the pollutants we find in the atmosphere. Whenever we look, we find surprises!

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Labwork in Dr. Sara Lance's Lab at SUNY

Laboratory Studies

Probing Fundamental Processes

Laboratory measurements are essential for uncovering the fundamental processes at work in the atmosphere, under conditions where individual parameters (such as temperature, pressure and chemical composition) can be varied one-by-one. Single particle measurements are at the extreme end of controlled experiments we are doing in the Lance Lab.

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Where you'll find us

You can typically find us about halfway between the Adirondacks and NYC, at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (ASRC) in Albany NY (in the new ETEC building)

Dr. Sara Lance
Room 315 - ASRC
Harriman Campus; SUNY ETEC bldg
1220 Washington Ave
Albany, NY 12226

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